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Best Jeans for Boys -
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Whether you are a parent looking to dress your child nicely, or you are a boy who already wants to maintain a sharp appearance, investing in a proper pair of jeans is a must. These denim pants have been a fashion staple for decades mostly because they can be made a part of both everyday outfits and more elegant style.

It is a fact that various fashion retailers offer high-quality jeans - but what is the difference between these and cheaper options? Other than the price, in most cases, there is a difference in the fabric that is used and the designs that are offered.

To educate you on the different style options and to help you find a suitable pair of jeans for your son, we have prepared a list of the best jeans for boys. So without further ado, let’s get started with this list so your boy can get out there and play in style!

Comparison Chart

Lucky Brand Big Boys’ 5-Pocket Skinny Fit Denim Jean

The Children’s Place boys Basic Bootcut Jeans

Wrangler Boys’ 20X Vintage Boot Cut Jean

Lee boys Performance Series Extreme Comfort Slim Fit Jean

Levi’s Boys’ 514 Straight Fit Jeans

Best Jeans for Boys Reviews

Lucky Brand Big Boys' 5-Pocket Skinny Fit Denim Jean

When it comes to budget-friendly denim jeans, you don't want to miss out on what Lucky Brand has to offer. Available in several different fits (which we will discuss below), it covers a wide range of sizes from 2T to 20. Most importantly, it is highlighted by a classic 5-pocket design that has maintained its popularity throughout the years.


The first point of this offer that we want to discuss is the featured designs of Lucky Brand Denim Jeans. There is the Barite Skinny, Mystic Road, and Eastvale Skinny if you are looking for a more distinguished model. For those who are interested in jeans that can be worn with almost any shirt, we would suggest the Yorba Linda or Lincoln Black, while the Tuxedo Rex is perfect for boys who are interested in a fancier dress code.

As for the composition, these jeans are 99% cotton and 1% spandex, which seems to be ideal if you are looking for a comfortable wear, a soft texture, and elasticity all at the same time. Suitable to be machine washed as long as it is on a low setting, maintaining the structure of these jeans shouldn’t be much of an issue. Additionally, the zipper is quite reliable, which isn’t the case with most mid-range models on which you will find cheaply made closure mechanisms.

These Lucky Brand denim jeans are highlighted by two pockets at the back, two pockets at the front, as well as a single watch pocket at the right hip. In our opinion, these models can be easily combined with almost any style, including t-shirts and button-ups/downs, as well as sneakers and fancier shoes.

The main issue that we have is that a couple of machine washes can result in the original color partially fading. Still, since there are other ways of maintaining the quality and color of jeans, that shouldn’t be a huge issue, which is why we consider these to be a worthy choice!


  • Affordable price for long-lasting jeans
  • Versatile styles allow you to find perfect fit
  • Elastic and comfortable for everyday, all-day wear
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Five pockets to keep snacks, phone, toys, etc.


  • Prone to fading after several washes

The Children's Place boys Basic Bootcut Jeans

We know how tricky it is to work with a limited budget, which is why we want to suggest these Children’s Place jeans as a good solution. Offered in Standard, Slim, and Husky fits, these pants can be the perfect choice for your boy because there are many sizes and colors available!


The brand that stands behind this product is well-recognized when it comes to offering denim pants of fine quality for an affordable price. With this offer, you will find jeans from size 4 to size 18, as well as several design variations. Unlike the aforementioned model, these are made out of a material blend that is 66% cotton and 34% polyester.

While not as comfortable or elastic, the durability of these jeans is much better. Not only that, but you will also find that the color of these jeans isn’t as prone to fading. What you are looking at here is a boot cut pair of jeans with a traditional five-pocket design, which is something you can’t go wrong with.

Believe it or not, the closure mechanism of these jeans depends on the size. For sizes 4 through 7, it is a snap zipper fly, while for anything above that, there is a buttoned zipper fly. The loops are not cheaply made and are suitable for both narrow and wide belts.

Taking everything into consideration, we are quite satisfied that you can find boys' jeans offering good durability and a quality structure at such an affordable price.


  • Good price for great quality that is made to last
  • Holds color, even through many wears and washes
  • Great durability and strength - for rough and tumble play
  • Reliable zipper mechanism will not break


  • Not as elastic or comfortable as similar models

Wrangler Boys' 20X Vintage Boot Cut Jean

Still talking about boot cut jeans, Wrangler Boys offers a wide assortment of models to choose from. The best thing about these jeans is that the price is more than reasonable. Made of 100% of denim cotton, these offer fantastic comfort and can be worn both for a more formal occasion, as well as for playtime.


The main point that we were impressed by is the number of styles and sizes that the Wrangler Boys jeans come in. They start as small as 1T and go all the way up to 20, offering both husky and slim designs. Among the color variants that these come in, the most popular options seem to be Canyon Lake, Glasgow, Amarillo, Lawton, Houston, Blackwell, and Breaking Barriers.

As we have mentioned above, these are made 100% out of cotton, which is why you will enjoy a soft texture, a comfortable feel, and proper freedom of movement. Frankly, for boys who enjoy spending time in jeans, whether playing or chilling out, this is a suitable choice. Additionally, the fact that these can be both machine and hand washed makes the maintenance much easier.

Whether you decide on the husky or the slim fit, you are sure to enjoy the great versatility of these Wrangler Boys jeans. Much like with most other mid-range products, all the models are five-pocket boot cut, which seems to be the best solution when it comes to overall functionality.

When it comes to the slim fit models, you should be careful with the sizing, as the thighs are a bit tight, so it wouldn’t hurt if you went for one size above the usual. Other than that, these denim jeans offer fantastic quality that you shouldn’t miss out on!


  • Slim fit and husky options for all sizes
  • An assortment of colors to select from
  • Built to endure playtime, no matter how rough
  • Soft material for all-day wear
  • Classic look goes with any outfit for all occasions


  • Be careful with tighter sizing around thighs

Lee Boys Performance Series Extreme Comfort Slim Fit Jean

Getting on with our list of the best jeans for boys, it is hard to miss out on the offer that the Lee brand has prepared. Once again covering a great range of sizes from 4 to 20, there is a myriad of color variants to choose from. Not only that, but the 97% cotton and 3% spandex composition is ideal in terms of functionality and comfort.


The first thing that you may be interested in is the colors that these jeans come in. We won’t be listing all of them, just some of the more popular ones, such as Porter, Black Nights, Oatley, Malcolm, Iron, and Caspian. In our opinion, all of these can be easily combined with both casual outfits and a more formal dress code, depending on what you are looking to achieve.

These Lee jeans are quite rigid and shouldn’t tear if your child runs and plays while wearing them. The midrise fit, slim seat, and comfortable thigh area is a suitable combination when it comes to ensuring an attractive design and good elasticity. Also, the straight leg goes nicely over shoes or boots without looking too baggy.

Not only that, but you will find fine comfort in the waist area, which further contributes to the freedom of movement that your child can enjoy wearing these jeans. Although made of only cotton and spandex, the color holds quite well and doesn’t fade after a couple of machine washes.

However, you should be aware that this product isn’t ideal for the winter months. Although durable, the material is thin and doesn’t provide proper insulation. On the other hand, if what you are looking to get is a fine pair of denim pants for the spring or summer months, then you should consider the Lee Boys’ Performance Series Extreme Comfort Slim Fit Jeans to be an excellent choice.


  • Versatile color options to choose from
  • Midrise fit
  • Built to be strong for playtime
  • Comfortable and easy to move in
  • Fade-resistant - looks great for many wears and washes


  • Not ideal for colder days

Levi's Boys' 514 Straight Fit Jeans

We can’t finish our list without mentioning one of the most iconic jeans retailers - Levi’s. As a brand that has been leading in this segment for the past couple of decades, we weren’t surprised to find that the Big 514 is one of the best models on the market. With a couple of different styles and colors that you can choose from, there is one thing to be sure about - buying Levi’s jeans is a long-term investment that you won’t regret!


The composition of 68% cotton, 28% polyester, 3% viscose, and 1% elastane seems to work well if you are looking for attractive jeans that are good for all seasons and don’t restrict freedom of movement. Much like with most other Levi’s models, these are highlighted by a regular fit and a straight leg, making them both an attractive addition to your elegant dress code and pants in which you can have a lot of fun.

It is the stretch denim fabric that plays an essential role when it comes to providing the comfort and soft texture that these are well-known for. Although classic, we still consider the design to be quite attractive, featuring two pockets at the front, two pockets at the back, and a single watch pocket at the left hip. On top of all that, you will find a stitched-in Levi’s logo, which is a fine design detail and a symbol of quality.

Talking about the different 514 variants that you can choose from, there are both brighter and darker jeans available. Our personal favorite is the Vintage Chino, Glare, Atlas, and K-Town designs. If you are looking for a more casual pair of jeans, then the Ice Cap or Nevermind work just great. The only thing that you should be aware of is that the waistband isn’t actually adjustable, so be careful with the sizing.

When it comes to boys’ jeans that are highlighted by a classic and reliable design, Levi’s are the ideal choice!


  • Stretch denim is very comfortable
  • For all seasons
  • Long-lasting and very durable
  • Classy and casual - perfect for school or home
  • Straight leg looks great


  • Non-adjustable waistband limits custom fit


And there you have it - some of the best options for jeans for boys. If we would have to choose between the listed products, our vote would go to the Levi’s Boys’ Big 514 Straight Fit Jeans. This is not only because of the tradition and popularity that the brand has maintained for so long, but also because of the exclusive quality and functionality that you will be getting at a reasonable price.

If you simply aren’t a fan of Levi’s, then we would suggest the Wrangler Boys 20x Boot Cut Jeans as a fantastic alternative. Coming in an assortment of designs and built to be played in, this is one of the most reliable pairs on the market.

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