Best Jeans for Short Men: 2021’s Best Picks

Best Jeans for Short Men -
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Strong and durable jeans for shorter people are not that easy to find if you are looking for the best of them. Many manufacturers may make them, but they are not made equal, and you need those great features included.

For your convenience, we took the hassle out of your jean shopping and provided you with a list. So keep on reading to see some of the best jeans for short men to wear to work or play.

Comparison Chart

Calvin Klein Men’s Athletic Taper Fit Jeans

Amazon Essentials Men’s Straight-Fit Stretch Jean

Southpole Men’s Relaxed-Fit Core Denim Pants

Lucky Brand Men’s 223 Straight Leg Jeans

Lee Men’s Straight Fit Tapered Leg Jean

Best Jeans for Short Men Reviews

Calvin Klein Men's Athletic Taper Fit Jeans

These well-designed and strongly constructed jeans from Calvin Klein come with most of the features needed for a comfortable fit and wear. This is the all-day jean that will look good on the shorter guys with a much improved aesthetic display as well.


These jeans from Calvin Klein are made from exceptionally durable materials to provide you with just enough stretch for a comfortable fit. They are made from 98 percent cotton and just 2 percent spandex to give you that comfortable fitting wear all day long.

With quite a relaxed shaping through the seat and thigh as well as a tight tapering, these jeans will provide comfort. The construction of these jeans is specifically designed for the broader, more athletic build to sit comfortably at the waist.

For those who are looking for a nice tapered fit and still have a stylish look, these jeans are the ideal option. This means they have a nice border at the hips and a narrower fit on the lower legs for all-day comfortable wear.

The jeans from Calvin Klein are well-designed and well-crafted to provide a relaxed look and feel for the whole day. They are great for use at work or play while providing freedom of movement while you are wearing them.

Another great feature is that they come with the standard 5-pocket design to provide ample storage while on the go. These pockets are made large enough to hold all of your essential documents, as well as the larger mobile devices.

There are some issues with these jeans where the sizes are not really what they say it is. These jeans are made about 2 sizes larger than what they claim, so you need to buy 2 sizes lower than what you wear.

Also, there might be some issues with the quality where these jeans might start to fray at the legs. This will happen after the first or second wash, which will take away some of the durability of these jeans.


  • The jeans have a nice athletic tapering design
  • Comes with quite a durable construction
  • You have large and comfortable pockets
  • They ar available in many colors


  • Some quality issues after the first and second wash
  • Waist sizes are 2 numbers over

Amazon Essentials Men's Straight-Fit Stretch Jean

These fine-tuned jeans provided by Amazon Essentials comes with that all-day wear comfort you are looking for in your jeans. With just the right fit and comfort, you can use them for a wide range of dressing applications to make them quite versatile.


These jeans from Amazon Essentials come with quite a sturdy construction to make them durable to last for very long. They have strong and durable stitching on all the seams as well as on the pockets to keep them together for long-lasting wear.

With a wider leg size, these jeans are the perfect fit for those people who have larger calves and wider legs. So if you are pumping the irons and are always worried if you will find jeans to fit your larger calves, look no further.

For those who are frequently on the go and have no time to waste, the jeans can be washed in the machine. This will help to get your jeans cleaned quickly and easily so you can have a clean pair of jeans all the time.

They are made with just a little bit of stretch with only 2 percent spandex to provide much better moving space. Your jeans will fit nicely but not too tight, so you move around in them without problems.

With a roomier cut through the waist and thighs, you will have more comfort while wearing the jeans. The jeans will also maintain their shape while you are wearing them to display well and to ensure comfort all day long.

Unfortunately, these jeans do not come with enough belt loops attached to the front, which will cause a problem of its own. They are the perfect jeans to wear to work if you do not need to wear a belt with them.

You also need to wash these jeans once before you wear them to prevent the color from bleeding on your legs. It is not good if the color bleeds in your car or on the sofa, so be careful with them.


  • Well constructed with quite durable stitching
  • Comes with a wider leg size
  • These jeans can be machine washed
  • Ample movement space for all-day wear


  • Needs a wash before wear to prevent bleeding
  • Too few belt loops at the front

Southpole Men's Relaxed-Fit Core Denim Pants

When it comes to comfort and easy fit, these jeans provided by Southpole are the ideal pair of jeans to have. They come included with great features to make your day much more comfortable without the irritation of a poor-fitting pair of jeans.


With a quick and easy closure of the button and an easy zipper, you can quickly and easily fit into these jeans. This is great for the on the go people that waste no time in getting dressed, to assist them in their busy lifestyle.

There is quite a wide range of colors to choose from when you buy these jeans for a wide range of dressing options. So you can add more than one to your wardrobe for a wide range of choices when getting dressed daily.

The fact that these jeans can be washed in the machine makes it much easier for the quick dresser and traveler. You will have your jeans cleaned quickly and easily without the need to wait too long for a pair of jeans.

They also come with quite a comfortable and relaxed fitting option for easy moving around in them all day long. You also have a mid-rise option at the waist, as well as a slight tapering of the legs for a stylish fit.

The construction of these jeans is quite durable, with strong and long-lasting stitching to keep them together for very long. It is also made from 100 percent cotton that will add to the overall durability of the jeans.

Unfortunately, the pockets are slightly on the small side, so those with larger hands cannot casually stash them in the pockets. They also do not provide ample space for larger mobile devices and other important stuff you want to store close at hand.

Also not included with these jeans is the stretching option to provide an even more comfortable fit on the legs. This means you will not be able to move freely in them while wearing the jeans for a long time.


  • Quick and easy to fit on
  • You have many colors to choose from
  • Strong and durable materials used
  • A nice low price tag attached


  • The pockets are a bit on the small side
  • There is no stretching option

Lucky Brand Men's 223 Straight Leg Jeans

Casual fitting jeans are the favorite of most people out there, and that is what is provided by Lucky Brands. Everyone wants to feel and look good in their jeans, but with these, it goes a step further to add comfort and style.


The materials used in the construction of these jeans from Lucky Brands provide you with quite a lot of stretch. This means you will have a lot of movement space in these jeans even if you wear them the whole day.

These jeans are also made with quite durable materials that will help them last much longer and save you money in the long run. This is great for those who do not really like to shop for clothing, so they must last a long time.

If you are one of those people with large legs and calves, the wide leg openings you get with these jeans are perfect. They also come with a straight leg design to make them even easier to fit and wear casually or at work.

These jeans from Lucky Brands come with a nice casual design to make them easy to use for a wide range of applications. While they are quite stylish, they also come with quite an affordable price tag attached.

It also will be very easy to keep these jeans clean where you can just throw them in the machine and wash them. Included with these jeans is a durable construction with the seams’ strong stitching to last for a long time.

Unfortunately, you do not have many colors to choose from with these jeans, so you will have to go with the shades of blue. It is not that much of a problem, but sometimes you want to have a different color to wear in your jeans.

Some people may also have a problem when it comes to the sizes of these jeans because of the high stretching capacity. So be careful when you buy to choose the right size, or you might be disappointed with them.


  • You get a lot of stretch with these jeans
  • Strong materials used in construction
  • Great for larger legs and calves
  • Quite a versatile jean


  • Not many colors to choose from
  • Might be a bit oversized at the waist

Lee Men's Straight Fit Tapered Leg Jean

With this brand of jeans, you cannot go wrong when it comes to quality and reliability, and that is what you get. The stylish design will help you feel and look good while you are wearing these jeans from Lee.


With these jeans from Lee, you have quite an extensive range of colors to choose from and not just the standard shades of blue. This is quite nice for those who love their jeans and need them in various colors for a variety of options.

They are made with quite a strong and durable construction to provide you with improved durability and longevity for your jeans. These jeans will give you many years of great clothing service for a wide variety of dressing options to keep you in style.

You get natural comfort with these jeans with an easy just below the waist fitting option for much better wear. With the straight fit through the hips and thighs, you will have quite a comfortable fit all day long.

The classic 5-pocket style provides you with enough storage options for all of your important documents and devices. The pockets are also large enough to fit your hands in, even if you have relatively large hands.

The jeans come in a wide variety of washes and fits to provide you with the ultimate style and design you are looking for. You need to look good and feel good while wearing your jeans no matter where you are, at work or play.

Unfortunately for those who need to or want to wear a belt with your Lee jeans, they only come with one loop at the back. This may cause some discomfort as the belt may keep hitching up.

They are also not available in very large sizes for those large people who need a comfortable pair of jeans.


  • They are available in a wide range of colors
  • Comes with a strong and durable construction
  • You have large pockets for storage
  • Quick and easy fit option


  • Only 1 belt loop at the back
  • Not available in very large sizes


Seeing that these jeans are not meant for tall and large people, we selected the Lee Performance series straight fit as the winner. They come with excellent quality included and are available in the right sizes with the right features.

The Calvin Klein athletic taper fit comes in the number two spot with the same features to make it difficult to choose a winner.

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