Best Lightweight Men’s Jeans for Summer to Buy in 2020

Best Lightweight Mens Jeans for Summer -
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Jeans are certainly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that are available to us humans. But finding the perfect fit may not be that easy and may take some time and effort when you look for the right pair.

In this review, we will take a look at some of the good quality and stylish brands of jeans that may suit your style. So without further delay, let’s see what they have to offer.

Comparison Chart

Lucky Brand Men’s 181 Relaxed Straight Jean

Indigo Alpha Mens Stretch Jeans

Buffalo David Bitton Men’s Six Slim Straight Jean

prAna Men’s Bridger Jeans

Calvin Klein Men’s Straight Fit Jeans

Best Lightweight Me​​​n’s Jeans for Summer Reviews

Lucky Brand Men's 181 Relaxed Straight Jean

This is a nice looking and good quality jean that will last much longer to give you many joyful hours of lightweight travel. It is available in many different colors and comes in almost all the available sizes for a much better fit.


This denim comes with a nice rise of 11 inches at the front to provide you with a perfect mid-rise fit. This is great for when you are traveling or spending most of the day in jeans at work or play.

For those people with quite an athletic build, you get a nice loose cut around the waist and the thigh. So you will get a more relaxed fit in the top part of the denim for improved comfort and style.

You get a straight leg from the hip and down to the ankle that will provide better comfort and a loose fit. There is also quite a wide 19 inches of leg opening at the ankle to give you an overall loose, comfortable jean.

This pair of jeans can be easily washed in the washing machine. And it is made from 100 percent cotton for a long-lasting pair of jeans that will give you many comfortable hours.

You also have nice deep pockets to fit your phone, as well as necessary items. Furthermore, you get a lot of storage space with the 5-pocket style of this comfortable jean from Lucky Brand.

Overall these jeans will give you a loose, comfortable fit all day long and a nice laid back look as well. And you can have these jeans in many different shades of blue depending on your mood of the day.

But there might be some drawbacks with this 181 jean, one of them being only one belt loop at the backside of the jeans. And those who love to wear a belt knows that it will just cause the belt to shift up when you least expect it.


  • A nice loose cut for larger legs
  • Front rise for a better fit for most people
  • A large leg opening for a loose fit
  • Large pockets and 5-pocket style


  • Has only a single belt loop at the back
  • There is some lack of quality control

Indigo Alpha Mens Stretch Jeans

Style and comfort, as well as good looks, are what you get when you buy these jeans from Indigo Alpha. But most of all is the great aesthetic design of these jeans to make you look good and comfortable in them.


A combination of 74 percent cotton and polyester-combo materials makes this the perfect stretch material. It is very lightweight and well designed to make you feel comfortable the whole day while you are wearing it.

A below the waist rise will help to make the jean sit comfortably at the waist for better style and comfort. And plenty of movement room is left at the waist and crotch to prevent the jean from pulling up too much.

The 5 pocket style of the jean from Indigo Alpha provides you with ample storage space for all the necessary carry-along things. It will also provide enough storage for documents and wallets, as well as your keys and phone.

A nice straight down design of the legs provides an excellent loose fit for those with larger thighs and calves. That will help to keep the jean from getting stuck to the legs and won't cause a lot of discomfort while wearing it.

For a nice look, you also get different styles of whiskers on the jeans you can select from for variety. The design of these jeans grants you a very stylish and comfortable fit for better looks and comfort the whole time you wear them.

This casual style of jeans can be worn with many different styles of shoes or boots, as well as colors of shoes. You also get a nice wide 16-inch leg opening at the ankles to improve the comfort of the jeans even more.

Unfortunately, there is only one belt loop at the back, which may take away some of the comforts of these stylish jeans. As well, the pockets are a bit on the small size and will not provide storage for larger phones.


  • These jeans are made of stretch materials
  • They are quite strong and well made
  • Comes with 5 pockets for carrying small items
  • Strong zipper and button closure


  • You get a single belt loop at the back
  • The pockets are a bit small

Buffalo David Bitton Men's Six Slim Straight Jean

Style and comfort are what you think of when you buy these nice looking jeans from Buffalo. They provide everything you need from a pair of jeans in one package, namely versatility and looks, as well as comfort and functionality.


For a much better comfort for those people who love to wear a belt, you get a double loop at the back. This will prevent the belt from hitching up when you are wearing jeans to improve the super comfortable wear of these jeans.

You get a strong and sturdy zipper included with these jeans that will not let you down. It also comes with a strong button to ensure a comfortable closure and no potential embarrassments.

These jeans are made from super stretch materials to ensure a good and a tight fit for the many different builds. They can also be washed in the washing machine to ensure a clean pair of jeans all the time.

With a comfortable rise at the top, they will fit nicely below the waist, making them very pleasant to wear. This will also help to look nicer than when the jeans are hitched up too high, which looks uncomfortable.

They are also available in different shades and colors to fit the various moods of the day you may have. And then to even improve on the style, they also come with varying forms of whiskers to provide some variety to your jeans.

These jeans from the Buffalo David Bitton company also comes with the 5-pocket design to provide enough storage space. And the pockets are large enough to hold even a passport while traveling as well as larger phones.

Unfortunately, there might be some quality control issues; some customers have received the wrong sizes as well as mediocre quality materials. Some jeans might fit too loose at the top for some narrower-hipped people.


  • Comes with a double belt loop at the back
  • Stylish and comfortable jeans
  • Straight leg fit is flattering on most men
  • Super stretch materials used


  • There are some quality issues
  • Might fit a bit lose for some people

prAna Men's Bridger Jeans

For looks, comfort, and great style, these are the perfect jeans to have in your closet. They are available in different colors to fit the different styles and moods you might have for the day.


They are made with a comfortable and pleasant slim fit in mind and will provide just that all the time you are wearing them. They are also made from lightweight material to give you a lot of comfort and a great style.

You also get a nice straight leg design that runs straight down from the hips to the ankle for comfort and style. You also have enough ankle space with quite a wide leg opening at the bottom of the jeans.

The combination of different high-quality materials gives these jeans a helpful stretching capability to fit nice and comfortably. And it will also help to prevent the jeans from becoming clingy after some time of wear that may cause some discomfort.

They are also made strong and durable, so they will provide you with long hours of comfort and style while wearing them. This is the ideal type of jean that can be worn for many different applications and occasions.

This jean comes with the 5-pocket style to provide you with a lot of storage space for all your necessities. They are also great to wear with different styles and colors of shoes and boots for a more stylish look and feel.

You get quite a strong and durable zipper included with these jeans to provide a secure closure of the jean. Also, there is a strong metal button to improve even more on the secure closure and durability of the jeans.

But you have only one belt loop at the back, and that may cause some discomfort when you may wear a belt with the jeans. And unfortunately, these jeans may shrink a bit after washing for the first time.


  • Comes with a comfortable slim fit
  • Very stylish and looks nice
  • Made from highly stretchable materials
  • Well-made and strong for durable, long-term wear


  • Only have a single belt loop at the back
  • May shrink a bit after washing

Calvin Klein Men's Straight Fit Jeans

Great style and comfort, as well as durability, is what you get in only one package from the Calvin Klein line of jeans. Here we talk about style and quality that instill peace of mind to the wearer of these jeans.


These jeans from Calvin Klein are available in many different colors to fit your mood of the day you might find yourself in. They will also fit perfectly with many different styles and colors of shoes and boots for a more stylish look.

With the 5-pocket design, you have enough space for your necessities that you may carry around with you. The pockets are also large enough to carry your phone as well as a passport when traveling.

The design of these jeans is strong and durable so that the denim will last a long time of wear and tear. They are also made from high-quality materials that allow very little stretching but enough to make it quite comfortable.

A nice straight fit design will help to make the jeans fit nicely and comfortably for most builds of people out there. It will also provide pleasant and comfortable wear and look when you are wearing these jeans for work and play.

These jeans from Calvin Klein come with high-quality design and durability, but the price tag attached is quite reasonable. So they are affordable for most people and keeps it in reach of the many to enjoy these high-quality jeans.

With the straight-cut design of these jeans, you also have quite a large leg opening at the bottom. This will provide even more comfort while you are wearing the jeans all day long.

These jeans have only a single belt loop at the back and will not keep a belt in check. And for those people with a fuller bottom, it might fit a bit tight around their backside.


  • A nice straight fit design looks great on most men
  • Strong and durable design
  • Available in many different shades
  • Useful 5-pocket style for holding phone, keys, and wallet


  • Only a single belt loop at the back
  • Might fit a bit tight for fuller buttocks


Among these great jeans, it is not that easy to find the best, but one that stands out are the Calvin Klein Straight Fit Jeans. They come made from high-quality materials and have excellent features attached.

A very close second best are the Lucky Brand Straight Jeans that come with many great features. They might be a bit more expensive than the winner but come with the same high quality.

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