Best Mens Bootcut Jeans: The Top Stylish Options

Best Mens Bootcut Jeans: The Top Stylish Options
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Best Men's Bootcut Jeans Reviews

When buying a pair of jeans, quality is the number one thing you should look for, only followed by comfort. For quality, it is important to buy from known brands that do not compromise on materials. Sure, you will have to pay more, but you can be sure that the jeans would last long.

As for comfort, the cut of the jeans and the fabric matters. Whether it is cotton or a mix of cotton and other materials, the fabric has to be soft. Bootleg jeans can be a bit heavier in comparison with tapered or straight cut jeans.

Here are the three best mens bootcut jeans from some of the most well-known and recognized brands on the market.

Levi's 527 Slim Bootcut Fit Men's Jeans

This is a modern take on the bootcut jeans in that the cut is a bit slimmer than usual as it almost looks like straight cut jeans. These bootcut jeans are available in a myriad of shades, some of which are stretchable as well. It is also available in almost all sizes.

This pair features a zipper fly with button closure. These are standard five-pocket jeans, and the back pockets have accurate stitching. The denim fabric is 100% cotton, soft, and long-lasting, as is usually the case with most of Levi’s products.

The look is pretty modern and should pair perfectly with any jacket and boots. It is quite slim through the thigh and then widens towards the end. The leg opening measures 18.25 inches, which is actually slightly slimmer than usual.

The fabric differs by the washes as some are pure cotton and thick, while the others are lightweight and stretchable. However, the cut is the same for all. These are machine-washable, but we recommend washing inside out with like color clothes.


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • The denim fabric is high-quality
  • The look is very stylish
  • Many color choices
  • From one of the most well-recognized jeans brand


  • The length may need to be altered in larger sizes

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Relaxed Fit Boot Cut Jean

Wrangler is another popular denim brand that delivers high-quality products. This pair of jeans, in particular, is very versatile. You can wear it out casually and even pair it with a semi-formal shirt for an evening out.

The Wrangler Relaxed Fit Bootcut Jeans for men are made from 100% cotton. They are available in three shades: black stretch, medium indigo, and tinted mid shade. The black stretch is basically just a name of the shade; it is not actually stretchy.

These jeans have a classic look with five pockets along with a boxy and relaxed cut. The jeans also sit naturally on your waist if you are of the right size. The leg opening is 19 inches.

Since these are bootcut jeans, the cut is made for wearing boots. The fabric is both strong and soft, and it should be comfortable to wear during both summers and winters. What’s more is that they also feature a heavy-duty zipper and button.

This denim fabric does not have stretch in it. It is made similar to the classical bootcut jeans that are baggy towards the ankle. Even the thighs are not that fitted, so you feel comfortable and relaxed when wearing this.


  • 100% cotton with no mix of other materials
  • Cozy and relaxed fit
  • Classic look (how bootcut jeans should be like)
  • Sturdy fabric that will last long


  • Not stretchy at all

Flypaper Men’s Fashion Bootcut Blue Jeans

Flypaper is also one of the popular denim brands so you can rest assured that the denim will easily give you a few good years. However, with proper care, they may last even longer.

The Flypaper Men’s Fashion Bootcut Jeans are regular fit jeans that are available in 11 different shades. They feature standard five pockets where the back pockets are frayed and embroidered. The back waist has the standard Flypaper logo.

Bootcut jeans are boxy, and this one truly is, making it very much in trend these days. You can also find a lot of distress marks on these jeans. These jeans have the traditional bootcut design with a waist that is a bit higher and leg openings that are wider. This means that they should work perfectly with those chunky winter boots.

This pair of denim jeans features quality YKK zipper. The fabric itself is 100% cotton, which means that the jeans would be not only soft but also long-lasting. It is machine-washable, and the color is expected to stay intact even after dozens of washes.


  • Hard-wearing denim fabric
  • Stylish washes and pockets
  • Traditional bootcut design that is comfortable
  • Good value for money


  • The material is not at all stretchy


The three pairs of jeans we have presented above have one thing in common: they are all made of 100% cotton. All three types of denim have a zippered fly too. The fabric, the stitching, and the zippers are all high-quality.

The Levi’s 527 has a slightly slimmer shape as compared with others. It comes in a variety of shades that all have a very modern look. On the other hand, the Wrangler authentic bootleg jeans are quite relaxing at the thighs and open at the ankles. This is made specifically to be worn with boots, which is why the opening is kept quite wide.

The Flypaper denim has a very ‘90s look with a lot of distress marks and different shades. Even the high-waist makes it look very old-school too. What’s more is that the quality of the fabric is comparable with that of the Levi’s and Wrangler denim.

The one from Levi’s is a bit stretchy as it is a slim fit in design, but since all of these are 100% cotton, they are not really stretchable. All of these jeans can be worn day to day, whether you are going on a camping trip with friends or just running errands around town.

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