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Whenever people are in a position to get thin dark jeans or cute corduroys, there is also a time when they just have to get down to the business. On such occasions, they need to have a long-lasting, durable, and comfortable pair of jeans to wear — and we decided to present our top men’s work pants picks to you.

The greatest part about durable working jeans is how a lot of them have the same DNA as the other beloved pants in your arsenal — such as comfortable fit and good construction. But work jeans have qualities that are a little more, well, ready to work.

You should have comfortable work pants because of the cold autumn and early winter demand for gear to keep you warm when it’s needed. So, if you planned to do something, it won’t have to wait too long - make sure to buy one of the products suggested and you won’t be feeling cold anymore.

Comparison Chart

Dickies Men’s Industrial Carpenter Jean

Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Canvas Carpenter Pant

Ariat Men’s Flame Resistant M4 Low Rise Jean

Carhartt Men’s Logger Washed Denim Dungaree Pant

Dickies Men’s Relaxed Fit Double Knee Work Horse Jean

Best Work Jeans Reviews

Dickies Men's Industrial Carpenter Jean

Buy Industrial Carpenter Jean LU200 of Dickies series, and you will not be sorry. This denim set of pants is excellent. Designed for industrial washing, Dickies’ jeans are 100% made of cotton, making them comfortable enough to make the hardest working days more manageable.


Those heavyweight denim jeans of Dickies will quickly become people’s everyday workwear. The pants are designed to have durability and purpose. The jeans have triple-needle stitching on main seams, and they are designed to be a comfortable fit in order to improve mobility. This carpenter jean will suit you greatly for any work you can imagine, and it has many additional pockets that you can use.

Usability meets the comfort of our famous industrial Dickies Jeans, that’s a given. Made with the same 14 oz. premium denim as their industrial company 5-pocket jeans, this pants are perfect for any job you plan to work on. The triple needle stitching on the side seam, the yoke, and the seat seam make these jeans amazing. A relaxed fit makes these jeans ideal for even the most challenging work.

Some users reported that they are unsure about the jeans. It happened more than once that they got the color they didn’t order. Still, they were pretty satisfied with the product overall, and although they admitted they might have wrongly guessed the size, the difference was acceptable.

A few people that bought the jeans had a different observation. They mentioned that the zipper was installed incorrectly. The first time they tried to use it, they had issues with zipping up the zipper. It seems like it’s not made of a high-quality metal; it stuck, and they were unable to unzip it.

There were also some other issues reported with the zipper. Many customers reported that the zipper doesn’t go all the way up. When they tried to zip it all the way up, pretty similar things happened. The zipper either broke or got stuck, so they couldn’t do anything about it. Although the company assures its customers that they use high-quality materials, it seems like they could do more than to save money on small things like this.

However, some customers didn’t have that problem, which means it’s not a common issue, but it can happen. We found that there are many more happy customers. They were talking about how these jeans fit perfectly along the leg and that that they feel incredible. If you’re looking for a good product, be aware that these jeans are great, but make sure to check the zipper before you cut off any tags.


  • They can be washed in an industrial laundry machine, 14 oz. weight and 100% cotton
  • Located above the waist
  • Additional room in seat and thigh
  • Hammer loop, Dual tool pocket on the leg, Straight leg
  • For durability, it has a triple-needle stitches
  • Fit is very relaxed


  • There are often issues with the zipper
  • Pockets are small, could be bigger

Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Canvas Carpenter Pant

If you’re after a little more space in your jeans, you can reach for the Carhartt Men’s Loose-fit Carpenter Jeans. A five-inch canvas pant involving a loose fit, functional pockets, and hammer loops make sure that these jeans are as stylish as they are functional.


These painted Carhartt carpenter pants are made up of 8-ounce, 100% ringspun cotton fabric. These materials work to play at the top level every time you bring it on. Solid durability and stylish design, these pants will keep you relaxed for the whole working day.

The jeans are built with far more space than the regular carpenter style. For a perfect fit, the waist lies just below the normal waistline. The loose seat makes it easier to move, and even the wide legs will give more room yet still fit over many of your work shoes. So for a more spacious, comfortable fit, it’s just the right thing to buy!

Some users were saying that they usually order more than one pair of these jeans. It seems like customers enjoy them so much that they like to have multiple pairs in different colors. The main reason why customers are satisfied is that it’s an excellent fit for any size, and the jeans have a perfect style. The jeans are very durable as well, and customers are also satisfied with the price and fast delivery.

The only thing we could see that people would like to be improved is a low waist design. Many people reported that they don’t like this part, but that aside, these jeans are perfect.


  • 100% cotton makes them very warm
  • Can be washed in the washing machine
  • 1” high, 14” wide
  • Straight leg opening
  • Jeans sit lightly over the waist
  • Pair of hammer loops included, as well as a cell phone pocket on the jeans


  • Not enough pockets
  • Lots of complaints that they are too tight in the waist

Ariat Men's Flame Resistant M4 Low Rise Jean

The ARIAT Men’s Flame Resistant M4 Low Rise Jean is very relaxed through the thigh, hip, and waist with a bootcut leg opening. The company merged an advanced fire-resistant technology along with an amazing fit and unbeaten comfort.


If you’re looking for convenience, style, and fire-resistant jeans, Ariat will always suit your job and your bill. Printed in your ideal slim-fit, loose-fit, and boot-cut models, you will be able to find a pair of Ariat jeans that will ensure you look and feel good when you’re at work.

Most importantly, the flame-resistant construction will stand the time test and help to keep you secured while you’re working hard in hazardous environments.

When you put on a pair of these jeans, you may also notice that they’re one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans you’ve ever worked in, and they include a style that you’ll be happy to wear even when you’re not on the job. Compared to some similar high-quality jeans brands, Ariat jeans also come with an inexpensive price tag, making them economical and straightforward for you to create a beautiful work pants collection.

Many people we talked with said that they usually order more than one pair. It seems like the customers enjoy them so much that they like to have multiple pairs in different colors. The main reason why customers are satisfied is that they're an excellent fit for any size and the jeans have a perfect style.

Still, some customers reported that they had issues with the online buying, saying that they ordered one pair of jeans size, but they received another. Make sure to double-check that before washing them as they won’t accept the return after.


  • Lots of space in the waist, hip, and thigh
  • Look of light hand sanding and tacking
  • No-rub comfort inseams
  • Anchored belt loops
  • Has great zippers, additional front pockets, all made in the United States


  • People complain about the durability of the jeans
  • It is not waterproof

Carhartt Men's Logger Washed Denim Dungaree Pant

If each day at work means sitting on hard floors or walking through dirt, these durable jeans are made for it. The pants are made of thick denim. The men’s pants use a double front, which incorporates knee pads and allows any debris to slip out.


Carhartt Men’s Logger Washed Denim Dungaree Pants put an extra level of chap-style reinforced material between your work and your legs. These rugged pants sit right at your waist and hang slightly longer than standard jeans for a regular, relaxed fit.

Many users reported how they are thrilled that they bought these jeans. They were talking about plenty of pockets the jeans have, mentioning how comfortable they are. They say that the jeans feel very nice and are very durable, meaning that customers will buy more.

There was a zipper problem in the past, but it’s resolved, and the jeans are perfect overall.

The only flaw we could find is that the pants are sometimes too big in the waist, but it’s not worth mentioning. Still, it can be an issue, depending on the surrounding of your job and what you do. Make sure to have this in mind before buying these jeans.


  • 15-ounce, 100% cotton denim
  • Has a straight opening for legs
  • Jeans have a double-layer knee, and you can add knee pads and clean out debris
  • Heavy-haul reinforces pockets on the back
  • The jeans have a lot of pockets


  • It would be good if they are tighter around the legs
  • Had a zipper issue in the past, that has been resolved, but might still be an issue

Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Double Knee Work Horse Jean

You’re going to get everything you want to see in Dickies Men’s Relaxed-Fit Double-Knee Workhorse Jeans. These rock-washed work jeans are made of durable material. The great attention to detail and a comfortable fit are there to make these pants even better.


These Dickies are intended to be a relaxed fit and spacious in the seat and leg, so you’re going to want to wear these jeans around the clock. They have a great design and you can even wear them daily, not just for work.

When you choose to wear these Dickies Men’s Relaxed-Fit Double-Knee Workhorse Jeans, you’ll be impressed with the way they feel and love how hard they are. We feel these Dickie pants are decent for any working budget.

More than a few customers reported that the jeans are very comfortable. The things they seem to enjoy the most are that they have a double knee and the utility pocket used for important stuff, like your wallet or cell phone.

The complaints on these products are rare, but people say that inseam is sometimes too long. This is an issue because these jeans are mostly available on the internet, and it’s hard to find them in the public store to try on first.


  • Double knees included for durability and comfort
  • Relaxed through the seat and thigh
  • Side pocket for valuable things like a cell phone or small but essential things, like tools
  • Includes high-quality zipper with button at the end
  • Alloy rivets at stress points, jeans have five pockets
  • They are made of 100% cotton material, and they weigh around 13 oz.
  • You can wash them in the laundry machine


  • Too tight in the waist, sometimes pants are longer than they should be
  • Not made in the US


It is not easy to choose a winner with all the great features that come with these jeans because all of them have something unique and different to offer. We tried to include all of their pros and cons, and we sure hope this helps you choose the best work jeans for you.

When deciding, try to think about all your needs and see which models are perfect for you. Make no mistake, all of these jeans are high-quality products, and you’ll be satisfied with any of them. Make sure to look at both pros and cons and all the other details we included.

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