How to Find Jeans That Fit: A Simple Guide

How to Find Jeans That Fit: A Simple Guide
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Everyone must own a pair of jeans. This is because denim jeans are highly versatile and can be paired with a variety of tops. Plus, it is quite comfortable to wear too.

Unfortunately, many people have difficulties in finding the right pair that would look great on them and feel comfortable for long hours of wear. A great number of people have bought several pairs only to end up disappointed as the jeans do not fit properly.

Many often wonder how to find jeans that fit, especially since this piece of clothing comes in different styles and cuts. Here is a guide to finding a great pair of jeans that looks and feels good at the same time.

Why Is It Hard to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans?

While jeans are a must-have in anyone’s closet, unfortunately, many consumers find it hard to find the perfect pair for them. This is despite the abundance of jeans in various styles and designs. What makes it so difficult to buy these pants?

There are three reasons why finding jeans seems to be a difficult task. They are:

  • Lack of Knowledge about their Body Type

Many shoppers do not understand what kind of jeans flatter their body. As everyone knows, body types differ. And fashion experts say that the key to dressing well is to follow one’s body type and dress according to it.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not know which apparel actually works for their body. It also does not help either that many follow the trend even if the cut and designs are not flattering on them.

  • Limited Options

The second reason is that there are not enough styles available when one is shopping for a pair of jeans. Many shoppers, men in particular, just enter a shop in the hopes of finding what they need even if there aren’t many options available at the store.

Unfortunately, this does not work well when one wants a great pair of jeans that look good on them. Sometimes, shoppers tend to confine themselves with limited options when there are plenty of choices in other shops.

  • Lack of Knowledge about Jeans

The third reason is the shoppers’ confusion on style details like the wash, detailing, and cuts. As mentioned, there are plenty of styles, cuts, and designs to choose from, and finding a great pair of jeans requires some knowledge of denim jeans. How to find jeans that fit is easier if one knows about the different options available to them.

How to Find Jeans that Fit: Understanding How Denim Fits

Those who have shopped for jeans would have noticed that jeans have labels indicating whether they have a slim, straight, or skinny fit. Shoppers who understand the differences of denim fits could narrow their options and find the pair that works for their body types.

  • Skinny jeans are often low- to mid-rise and have a slimmer fit. Its opening has a tapered leg design, and it is skinny all the way from the hip to the hem.
  • Slim fit is neither too loose nor too tight. They are mid-rise and has a straight fit through the hip and a slim fit around the thighs. The leg opening is narrower than the thigh area.
  • Regular jeans are mid-rise jeans with a straight leg cut. This means that the cut is straight on the hip, thigh, knees, and all the way to the hem. It has a fairly big opening.
  • Relaxed jeans have a loose fit all the way from the waist down to the leg opening. It will not hug any part of the body.
  • Loose jeans are also known as baggy pants. It is the roomiest of all denim fits and has sufficient space for all parts of the body covered by the pants.

What Is Rise?

Jeans are marked according to rise too. Unfortunately, not all know what rise is. The rise measures the distance of the top of the waistband to the crotch.

  • High-rise jeans are mostly worn above a person’s belly button. It is great for those with a bulky frame and those who don’t enjoy tucking in their shirts.
  • Mid-rise jeans are great for those who love tucking their shirts into their denim jeans. The waistband lightly moves to the belly button.
  • Low-rise jeans are for a more casual fit as it provides a relaxed appearance. It is worn just below the person’s belly button.
  • Low-crotch pants are worn low around the waist.

Knowing the Measurements

The jeans are marked with their sizing, which is actually two numbers. For example, a product would be marked as 33×35.

The first number pertains to the measurement of the waist while the second number is the inseam length or the distance of crotch to the ground on the inner side of the jean’s leg.

Other Factors to Consider When Shopping for Jeans

Understanding the rise, fit, and measurements will help anyone choose a great pair of jeans. But if one wants to be better at shopping for this piece of clothing, then it would be helpful to consider other factors as well.

Shoppers should consider the weight of the denim material as it affects the breathability of the jeans as well as the drape on the body. The wash is also important as this is what produces the color and pattern of the denim. There are classic wash, acid wash, vintage wash, and stone wash jeans.

Buyers should also remember that denim jeans tend to stretch to one full size after the first 10 to 20 wears. For this reason, it is best to buy one size lower than the actual size. For example, if you have a waistline of 29, then shop for a pair with a waistline of 28.

Shopping For Jeans Is Easy

Finding a great pair of jeans that fit well and is comfortable is no rocket science, and the easiest way of buying one is to know the different cuts and rise.

Self-awareness of the body type will be beneficial too. This is because some shoppers tend to select a cut that does not flatter his or her body. This is unfortunate as the jeans would not be a great fit.

Knowing the basics of denim jeans and understanding your body will go a long way in finding the pair of denim jeans that look good on you.

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