What Size Is 18 Husky in Mens Jeans?

what size is 18 husky in mens jeans
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A pair of perfect jeans can be a man’s holy grail for his casual wardrobe. They can be dressed up and worn with a more formal top or dressed down with a plain old T-shirt. Either way, they are so versatile that you can wear them to any casual event.

Sizing for men’s jeans can be a tricky business, so imagine how difficult it can be to look for jeans for big boys. Yes, those husky boys that do not fit in traditional boys-sized clothes. For instance, what size is 18 husky in mens jeans?

While there is a husky sizing for most children’s clothing lines, you may already get a pair of jeans for your big boys out of the men’s rack. In this article, we will look for the equivalent of the husky size to men’s size.

What Is Husky Sizing?

Husky sizing has been used for quite some time now. It refers to clothing items for boys who do not fit in traditional boy clothes sizing anymore. This sizing category is ideal for boys who are big for their age but are still not built like an adult. Most boys use husky sizing when they are too large for a kid’s clothes but do not want a large waistband, say, on a pair of men’s jeans.

Generally, an H on clothing labels means husky sizing, so a 14H, for instance, could mean a husky size 14. This is done to take off the confusion between a husky 14 and a slim size 14. Some brands, however, do not label their husky clothing this way. Instead, they give waist size and inseam by the inch, similar to men’s pants.

It is difficult to determine what a husky size really is since different clothing brands vary when it comes to labeling. Some even have different sizing charts, to begin with. Most of the time, parents are aware of which brands fit their kids perfectly and which do not. Some brands are a bit looser at the waist or have longer inseams.

Regular Kid’s Sizes vs. Boy’s Husky

The difference between these two lies on the fit. The boy’s husky sizes are typically larger in some areas to give the bigger kids a better fit. For instance, a pair of husky pants are larger in waist measurements but have the same length of inseam as regular kid’s sizes.

Keep in mind that husky pants may fit boys who do not have an average waist-to-height ratio. Boy’s pants usually have more size options compared to other clothing items such as jackets and shirts. This is because bigger boys can easily wear a men’s top if a larger size is needed.

On the other hand, man’s pants usually have a longer inseam, which is too long for a kid with an average height. Nonetheless, if your kid wants to wear men’s jeans, you may simply opt to have them hemmed.

what size is 18 husky in mens jeans

Different Cuts of Jeans

If your husky-sized kid prefers men’s jeans because they are more stylish, you’ll need to convert the sizing to know the right size jeans to buy. Before we do that, though, let us first discuss the common jean fits that are available for men.

  • Regular

Regular cut jeans are generally mid-rise with a straight leg. They are straight from the hip through the thigh and to the hem. They have a fairly large leg opening.

  • Relaxed

A pair of relaxed jeans will not hug any inch of your body. They are loose from the waist all the way down to the leg opening.

  • Loose

A loose pair of jeans gives you plenty of room for your butt, legs, and thighs. They are baggy in general.

  • Skinny

This is the latest trend when it comes to men’s jeans. These have a relatively tighter fit and tapered leg opening. They are skinny from the hip all through the hem and are usually low- to mid-rise.

  • Slim

These jeans are not to tight but not too loose either. Sometimes, they are referred to as tapered jeans because of its tapered cut. They are straight on the hip and taper down to the thigh. The leg opening is comparatively narrower than regular-cut jeans.

What Size Is 18 Husky in Mens Jeans?

If you are looking for ways to convert boys husky sizing to men’s sizes, you must be careful. Sizing tends to vary depending on the brand. Hence, if you are wondering what size is 18 husky in mens jeans, you may have to try out a few pairs from different brands in order to determine this.

Typically, an 18 husky boy can wear a pair of men’s jeans with 30 to 31 waistline, depending on the material. A pair of 18H jeans have 37 to 37 1/2 inches on seat measurement and 31.5 inches for inseam, so you might want to consider these when doing size conversions.

For a popular brand of jeans, husky to men’s size conversion equates to this:

  • 8H has 25 1/2 to 26 inches waistline, 28 to 28 1/2 inches seat, and a 22-inch inseam
  • 10H has 26 1/2 to 27 inches waistline, 30 to 30 1/2 inches seat, and a 24.5-inch inseam
  • 12H has 27 1/2 to 28 inches waistline, 32 to 32 1/2 inches seat, and a 27-inch inseam
  • 14H has 28 1/2 to 29 inches waistline, 34 to 34 1/2 inches seat, and a 28.5-inch inseam
  • 16H has 29 1/2 to 30 inches waistline, 35 1/2 to 36 inches seat, and a 30-inch inseam
  • 18H has 30 1/2 to 31 inches waistline, 37 to 37 1/2 inches seat, and a 31.5-inch inseam
  • 20H has 31 1/2 to 32 inches waistline, 38 1/2 to 39 inches seat, and a 31.5-inch inseam

You may easily find these sizes at most department stores; you can even ask for assistance with the size conversions. Some sales clerks are knowledgeable about this and can be a great help. While it can be easy finding jeans with the same size waist in men’s department, you may have to hem your finds since men’s jeans are usually longer than husky-sized ones.


When doing size conversion, it is best to get the exact measurements and base these measurements on the size chart of the brand that you will be purchasing from.

While it may look like clothing brands use some sort of universal sizing method, they do not. There will always be little size discrepancies here and there depending on the brand.

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