What to Wear with Black Jeans Men: Some Fashion Tips

What to Wear with Black Jeans Men: Some Fashion Tips
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Style experts would always say that a pair of jeans should be a staple in anyone’s closet. This pair of clothing, after all, is quite versatile. Denim jeans were originally produced and used by laborers given the clothing’s durability. However, these days, a pair of jeans can work with formal, semi-formal, casual and athletic tops. But what to wear with black jeans men? What tops and shoes go with a black pair of denim jeans? Here are some ideas to make the best out of any black denim jeans for men.

Experiment Is The Key

There was a time when fashion rules had to be strictly adhered to. Fortunately, the world of fashion is kinder now as there is more room to mix and match without raising the eyebrows of other people.

One of the great things about denim jeans is its versatility. These days, this pair of pants is a must-have for anybody’s wardrobe. It can be used for traveling, working and night outs. Some even use these pants to attend formal events.

Black is a neutral color. Its neutrality gives people the leeway to use any color for the top. When it comes to using a black pair of jeans, the rule is just to experiment. However, if you are feeling uninspired and in need of ideas, then read on.

Some Tips on How to Wear a Black Pair of Jeans for Men

The Formal Attire With A Twist

Black denim jeans can be worn even for formal attire. For men, this pair of pants can replace the formal ones. Fashion forward or those who are a bit on the edgy side of fashion wear black jeans with a tuxedo or black tie. After all, wearing black jeans with a formal suit provides the man with an air of confidence.

One can even wear an athletic pair of shoes to add more flair to the black jeans and black tie outfit depending on the event. However, if the host requires a more formal setting, then dress shoes are the way to go.

The Casual Look

The answer to the question what to wear with black jeans men is easy if one is aiming for a casual look. Since the pants are black, it would be easy to find a top to match the jeans.

One can wear a collarless shirt to go with it. A man can also choose to go for the cotton collared shirts. It does not matter what the color of the top is. It is more important to look for a top that fits well to avoid a fashion mishap.

Meanwhile, those who are on the heavy side are better off wearing a darker colored plain shirt. Light colored shirts tend to make one look heavier. Choosing a good top is essential so as not to ruin the effect of the black jeans.

As for the shoes, black jeans with a casual top can go with anything. A pair of sneakers, rubber shoes or even loafers will match the jeans and the top.

The Office Look

Many offices allow black jeans in lieu of the usual office pants. This is because many black jeans look formal enough for the corporate setting.

Now, what top to wear with the black denim at work? It would depend on the requirements of the workplace. Some offices require their men to be in long sleeves while others accept collared shirts or even casual tops.

If the men are required to wear long sleeves with black denim, then it is highly advisable to wear a belt. Naturally, a belt would help the jeans stay in its proper place in the waist or hips. One should not ruin their look by always pulling the jeans up anyway.

As for the shoes, it would depend again on the office rules. The safest bet is to wear some leather shoes to match the long-sleeves. If a more casual appearance is accepted at the workplace, then rubber shoes, sneakers, and loafers can be worn with the collared or collarless shirt.

The Rock Star Types

Men who want to have the rock star vibe can mix and match their black denim jeans to look funkier or to add to their appeal. Aside from having black as the color of the denim, it would be wise to spend some time choosing the cut and style of the jeans as well.

Many styles would make a man exude the rock star vibe. For example, one can go with black distressed or ripped jeans. Those big holes in black jeans can add character to a man’s look. Those with slimmer thighs and fit bodies can also opt for the slim-type jeans. This fit can make a man look sexy–only if they are fit. Men with some pounds to lose especially around the hips and thigh areas are better off with a straight cut.

Of course, rock stars do not really wear long sleeves during their gigs. They wear casual tops. Rock stars also do not wear fancy and dressy leather shoes. If one wants to add more drama to the look, then wear black or dark collarless shirts. Plus, avoid those stiff leather footwear that is meant to be worn for formal black and tie affairs.

If one wants to up the game a little bit more, then the best way to go is to wear a black jacket with the black jeans.

What to Wear with Black Jeans Men: Anything Goes

It is not difficult to find a top or shoes to match a pair of black denim jeans. After all, black can go with any other color. Plus, jeans are versatile and can be worn on different occasions and settings.

When choosing a top or a pair of shoes to match the jeans, just think of how you want to look. If you want to look like a successful corporate person, then go with the black jeans and long sleeves. If you are aiming to look casual, then choose any comfortable top and pair of shoes. Just remember, finding the right fit of the tops and jeans are what’s crucial when finding the right clothes for your black denim.

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