Why Are Skinny Jeans so Popular for Guys: Understanding the Trend

Why Are Skinny Jeans so Popular for Guys: Understanding the Trend
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In this modern age, most women prefer to wear skinny jeans because they make their legs look sexy and slim. Interestingly, you would also see a lot of guys wearing skinny jeans. Thus, most girls are wondering why are skinny jeans so popular for guys now too? Let’s find out and learn more about jeans and skinny jeans.

Evolution of Style Over Time

Ladies, before we answer your curiosity, let’s take a trip down memory lane together to see how jeans were produced and how they looked like back then.

The jeans’ evolution of style started when the first pair of pants got invented around the 1800s.

The Beginning

Jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. Strauss, a fabric business owner, and Davis, a tailor, teamed up and manufactured jeans for male workers like ranchers, miners and the like. This was the same year when Davis’ blue jeans were patented with Levi Strauss.

The ’30s and ’50s

Jeans became famous in the Hollywood scene in the 1930s. They were worn by cowboys and movie actors who played the character. However, it took two more decades before jeans became a casual staple worn by both men and women.

From early 1950 to 1959, jeans were still in and even became a fashion trend. The fabric and the style looked boxy and stiff though. Then, the white tee and jeans classic style began in 1957.

The ’60s

In the early 1960s, jeans were made more fitted, decorated, and became casual wear. It was during the mid-60s when flared jeans led the fashion trend. Those jeans that were suited tightly at the waist and flared at the bottom.

So what happened next? From 1966 to 1967, bootcut jeans had their moment that took over the place of flare pants in the fashion trend. After a year, Levi’s denim jeans were launched in a lighter wash in 1968.

The Present

As the years went on, different styles of jeans were produced. They were either tight- or wide-cut style and made available in more colors like acid-wash and stonewashed. Even other popular brands stepped in the competition and launched their own style of jeans.

With each passing year, lots of styles and colors of jeans are being introduced to the world of fashion. Although skinny jeans became the norm, which is probably why men wear this type of pants too.

What Are Skinny Jeans?

Skinny fit jeans are the most popular style for both men and women since they first came out. These are the jeans that are figure-hugging and made out of stretchable fabric, revealing the real contour and size of thighs and legs. While they suit women with either small or big thighs, they also look good on men with a smaller and slimmer body.

So, why did men had a change of style and are now into skinny jeans too?

Why Are Skinny Jeans so Popular for Guys?

Aside from being the most popular style of jeans today, we’ve done our research to know why most men wear skinny jeans. Here’s what we’ve found out:


Guys like wearing skinny jeans because it’s more comfortable to wear than loose pants. Some women may find it pleasing and attractive on them as it shows the real shape of their legs. Whereas wearing baggy pants look unflattering and untidy on them.

Easy to Match

Another reason is it’s easy to match it with any types of shirt. Whether you go for plain or bright colored tees, they still look perfect together. Plus, they get to show off their favorite pair of sneakers with it.

In case you’ve noticed, most styles of jeans available in shops are skinny jeans. Again, that is because skinny jeans are stylish and a fashion trend that won’t die anytime soon.

However, do note that skinny jeans don’t suit all types of male frame. Thus, you should know the factors you need to consider when shopping for a pair of these jeans.

How to Choose the Perfect Skinny Jeans

Before you buy a pair of jeans for yourself, make sure you know the fit and style that will suit your body. Apart from choosing the style you want, the rising of the pants should be considered as well.

What do we mean by rising of the pants? The rise is the measurement from the middle of the crotch to the top of the waistband. This is what you should regard first before the fit.

Here’s a guide for you:

  • High-rise jeans are worn above the belly button and suit bigger guys. Tucking in the shirt is a bad idea with this type of pants.
  • Mid-rise pants are great for men who always prefer to tuck in their shirts.
  • Low-rise jeans provide a casual and relaxed fit and are worn below the belly button.

As you have noted above, just like women, men have different body build too. So when you buy a pair of skinny fit jeans, keep the following in mind:

  • Try the pants on to see if you look good at it.
  • See if the color of the jeans matches most of your shirts and sneakers in your closet. Dark washes are safe bets.
  • Make sure your thighs and legs don’t look awkward on the jeans; you should look proportionate.
  • Don’t buy skinny jeans just because they’re a fashion trend.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to know how the style of jeans has evolved over the years. Who would’ve thought that men and women would share the same taste in fashion as years pass by? Big thanks to fashion designers because they’ve created different styles of pants that would mostly suit both genders.

We can now stop asking ourselves why are skinny jeans so popular for guys. Their answers are acceptable anyway.

Clearly, it’s not just about being stylish and involving themselves in the latest fashion trend, but because they too can carry out skinny jeans well. Besides, men are smart enough to know what style would look perfect on them. After all, every man has his own style.

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