Why Do Men Wear Skinny Jeans? A Style Investigation

Why Do Men Wear Skinny Jeans A Style Investigation
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A pair of jeans has always been a staple in any closet. However, skinny jeans, for some reason, have always been labeled as “feminine”. For this reason, a lot of people ask why do men wear skinny jeans whenever they see their guy friends wearing one.

Well, here is our counter-argument: Why shouldn’t they?

The Skinny Jeans vs. Slim Fit Jeans

Before we move on to the style examination, let us first define what skinny jeans are. Skinny jeans are commonly confused with slim fit jeans, you see, and for a good reason! So, what are skinny jeans and how do they differ with slim fit ones? Let’s start with the slim fit.

Slim fit jeans are just like your usual straight-leg jeans, but instead of just falling straight down, they follow the form of your legs. They are also narrower at the bottom and won’t flap around, again following the contour of your ankles.

Skinny jeans, on the other hand, don’t just follow the contour of your body, they hug it tight. They are usually made out of a highly stretchable fabric, so they can really stick close to your skin. This is the reason why some men find them a bit uncomfortable and tight especially around the groin area.

This leads us to the question: if they’re uncomfortable, then why do men use them? There are two answers: 1) if the jeans are a good fit, they’re not uncomfortable, and they won’t crush your juniors; and 2) they’re stylish. We will discuss the second answer in greater detail below.

Why Do Men Wear Skinny Jeans?

We have the fashion industry to thank (or blame, whatever your perspective is) for that. It was 2001 when designer Hedi Slimane decided that he wanted to change the silhouette of the male form, from bulky muscular men to lean and lanky guys.

This paved the way for men (and society itself) to start favoring figure-hugging clothing, and yes, that included pants. Thus, men started wearing skinny jeans. However, showcasing physical attributes is not the only reason why men wear skinny jeans. Another reason why men started enjoying this style is that it was more comfortable and convenient for some.

After all, wearing skinny jeans provide the liberty of not worrying that a part of your clothing might get caught somewhere. Since skinny jeans hug your body tight, it is more unlikely for it to get in the way of things. In connection, it also gave men the convenience of tucking their pants into their shoes. Whatever the reason, men have always enjoyed tucking or scrunching their pants above high-cut shoes—whether that be boots or sneakers.

There’s only one problem, though: straight cut and other types of pants can be a bit challenging to tuck inside shoes due to their bulk. With skinny jeans, on the other hand, there is no bulk, so you can simply tuck away with ease.

Of course, the reasons we have mentioned here are not the only reasons why men love wearing skinny jeans. You might be wearing your skinny jeans right now for an entirely different reason that will forever be unknown to us. What’s important is that skinny jeans for men exist.

Here’s the next challenge, though. How should you wear them? For those who are not quite confident in pulling off their skinny jeans look yet, then read on because we are about to share stylish tips on how to wear them.

How Should Men Wear Skinny Jeans

In this section, we are going to share with you the different ways, styles, and tips to wear your skinny jeans. So enough talk, and let’s start styling.

  1. The All-Black. You will never go wrong with this look, whether you do listen to rock music or not. Just put on a black shirt, black skinny jeans, and black leather boots, and you’re all set. Just make sure that your black shirt is fit too.
  2. The Classic. Want to look as if you just got out of bed and threw something together, yet still look oddly cool and stylish? The throw together your favorite skinny jeans, a statement shirt, a denim jacket, and of course, your leather boots.
  3. The Preppy. If you think that skinny jeans are only for thrashers, rockers, and emos, then think again. You can pull off a sleek and classy look with it as well. Just put together a smart and casual top over your skinny jeans and pair it with a white pair of sneakers.
  4. The Super Casual. Finally, treat your skinny jeans much like your regular jeans. Pair it with any shirt, as long as your top is not oversized and too loose.

What About Shoes?

Now that we’ve talked about the different styles you can play with, let’s talk about footwear. Is there a specific style of footwear that best fits skinny jeans? Impressively, most footwear from sneakers to boots, fit skinny jeans.

Most people simply prefer to pair skinny jeans with high-cut footwear since their narrow ankles make them easier to tuck inside shoes—something difficult to do if you’re wearing a regular pair of jeans.

More Skinny Jeans Tips

You now have the style and footwear properly pinned down. Nice! You should be looking pretty slick by now. If you want to hone your style further, then here are a few more tips that we’d like to share with you.

  1. When choosing a pair of skinny jeans, always get one made from a highly durable material. Don’t get one that’s too thin, which feels and looks almost like a pair of jeggings.
  2. Don’t go overboard with the colors. Neutrals, both dark and light, are still the better choices. Use a light color if you’re going for a casual look, while you can choose a dark color if you want something which can easily transition from day to night.
  3. Finally, forget about everything we just told you.

Final Words

We would like to end this article by saying, that while we have enjoyed putting these tips together for you, in the end, you should still own your personal style. Follow whatever you feel works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to trust your own tastes.

By doing so, we are confident that you’ll be able to pull up the skinny jeans look with ease. In this way, when someone asks you, “Why do men wear skinny jeans?”, you’ll be able to come up with your own answer with confidence.

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